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Clear Skin


a Group Mentorship Program

Join Erin Blair LE CHC Acne Specialist, Licensed Esthetician and Integrative Nutrition Coach, as we dive into what it takes to heal acne and maintain clear skin for life!

Side effects include:

Healthy skin.

Improved immunity.

Better sleep.

Hormone balance.

Increased energy.

Happier relationships with self and others. 


No matter what the cause of your skin issues, you’ll get supportive, professional education and guidance in a safe online community ❤️

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Membership includes:


  • Video tutorial library

  • A new skin healing recipe every week

  • Ask Erin Q+A twice a month

  • A private Facebook community where Erin will be active

  • Resources to make shopping for products easier (like Erin’s coveted list of pore clogging ingredients)

  • Erin’s recommended reading list

  • Fun challenges 

  • Monthly specials on featured products

  • Exclusive members-only pricing on Product + Consultation Packages

Enroll now for Clear Skin Society!

We begin December 1st 2020

Regularly $100 per month

Join now for special founding member pricing of

only $70 per month (ends 11/30)

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