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“In choosing Erin, I found an open and honest provider who cared about helping me get my skin under control.  I had previously sought treatment from dermatologists, but I didn't want to go see someone who was just going to prescribe medication to get my acne under control.  I wanted someone to help me pinpoint the root of the cause, and to help me work toward a better lifestyle that focused on my overall well-being.  I didn't want a short term fix-- I wanted a long-term transformation. As a result, I found that I was prioritizing my health overall, paying attention to what kind of food I was eating, how much water I was drinking.


Erin is transparent and honest with you right from the get go. She sets the right kind of expectations that encourage you to take your skin care seriously.  An alternative to ‘traditional’ skin care. It's hard to know what's going to work, and what's not. Having an option outside of taking prescription meds and using prescribed products was like a breath of fresh air. I felt as though I was truly being listened to and cared for during my skin care journey.

Thank you to Erin for being so incredibly supportive and helpful throughout this process. Looking back, I'm beyond thrilled that I chose this program."



“Erin has saved me! I went from having such awful skin that I would put makeup on before sitting around the dinner table with my own family. After a month I noticed a dramatic difference, now, 2 years later the only time I ever wear makeup is if I’m going out. My skin is flawless and I love being able to walk around bare face. Thank you Erin for healing my skin and getting me back to my confident self!!”




“I am very happy with the results I had after using the product and my experience with Erin. I had very bad acne and after starting using the products I started showing positive results within the first month. And I am cleared up now. I liked that it was an all-natural way of treating my acne.


My doctor had recommended Accutane® but I had heard negative things about it. This turned out to be a very effective alternative.”




“This actually works. I never had terrible skin until the end of 2012 when it got out of control (likely caused by high stress and perpetuated by the bad makeup I was using). I tried several different methods because I wanted to avoid harsh prescription medications, but none of them seemed to work.

When I finally started working with Erin the following spring, my friends and family members started noticing an immediate improvement. I’m so thankful to be fully confident in my appearance again.

The program is very structured to ensure you will get the best and quickest results possible. Erin provides extra education on what products are harmful to the skin and even ways to improve your diet which will translate into clearer skin.

Most of all I liked that I was able to avoid prescription medications. The risks are not worth it. I also really like the environment and constant encouragement.”




“Having acne affected me on more than a physical level; it was extremely distracting for me mentally. Every time I interacted with someone, had a picture taken, or even felt hair brush against my face, my acne had my attention. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know how to fix it and I had honestly only been looking for cheap, inefficient solutions.

I didn’t have terrible acne when I was a teenager, and it all came on quite dramatically. For months I tolerated having acne, and spent loads of money on products at grocery stores. Part of me wanted something that would instantaneously take my acne away. I realized this when I sat down with Erin as she looked through my products. I clearly remember her telling me that I needed to trust her, listen to her suggestions, and stick with the process. I had to be honest with her about the products I used, what I ate, and if I was being consistent. It took some patience to trust the process and evolution as my skin cleared up, but WOW was it worth it! Working with Erin taught me a lot about how to properly care for my skin, and this impelled me to trust her guidance even more.

Until my face started to clear up, I didn’t even realize how much it was distracting me. I finally feel like I can appreciate friends taking my photo, and going out on days when I’m not wearing any makeup.


My confidence has grown so much, and I am so grateful to finally focus on living life! Erin is such a pleasure to work with and is a true professional. I have learned a lot about valuing my personal health and skin care, and Erin has given me guidance on how to properly do that. I am very grateful,  and will be recommending her services to everyone who compliments me on my beautiful complexion!”



“My skin has cleared up so much, thank you Erin!

I want people to know that this works, there are so many products I have tried, and this therapy worked within the first month. I have never had results like this before.

Erin is an amazing person; she works with you to have clear skin, she cares about these products, and knows they work. She really wants to help those who are having problems with acne. She’s just a great person and I’m so thankful. Through her, I was able to learn why my skin was breaking out, what foods and products cause acne, and what to do about it. Now I’m interested in skin care, too, and hope to one day help those in need.”




“For years I have been struggling with acne. I have tried what seems like everything possible from products to homeopathic tricks. But nothing has made my face look so good except this. I like the fact that the products didn’t make my face feel bad, every time after I’d wash my face felt clean and smoother than before. This has saved me from being ridiculed about my breakouts. My skin cleared up finally. I started getting compliments on it even! People stopped staring at bumps on my face because there weren’t any!

I recommend this, because Erin understands, she wants to help and takes time to listen and explains everything perfectly.

I am so happy that my skin is clear. Because of Erin I have stopped wearing cover up and I am happy to show my face off. I want people who struggle with acne to know that this actually works, and it’s worth it. Keeping up on the home-care is a big part, and if you really want to get clear, you have to do it.

For those who have bad breakouts, finding a product that actually works is nothing short of a miracle and that’s what Erin offers.”




“There are so many “acne cure all” methods out there, and most just want your money. I was concerned with the price, deeming it way overpriced if I didn’t see results. Well my acne is gone, I seriously have beautiful clear skin! Now, I see it as money well spent, and I would do it again. On that note, the money I would have spent on other products over time in a panicked effort to clear my skin once and for all, would have been triple what I pay for Erin’s help. Her treatment is worth every dime.


I never had huge breakouts in high school, just a few blemishes or white heads here and there. Then when I hit 20, it felt like my acne came out of nowhere! I felt embarrassed and extremely self conscious. My life was full of restrictions, for example I remember dreading going to the lake. I mean what if my face got wet and it wiped my layered makeup off! Then everyone would see my bumpy red skin; I felt so ugly.

After working with Erin, I had hope. I was skeptical at first, but she was so encouraging; I remember tearing up from talking about my skin frustrations, and she wasn’t afraid to give me a hug. We figured out a plan that worked for me, and I began the process. Erin was always ready to assist if I had a question or concern about my skin. I found choosing Erin to be a healing experience; my skin has never felt better!

Also, I love the products! There are different options to choose from, and I like being able to trust the ingredients of the product I put on my face.”

This program works. Just be patient and you’ll get real results that will last. The results are real. “


“I worried about paying for products if they weren’t going to work, but they worked! My skin is beautiful again, and my entire life has shifted into a more positive light. My confidence is slowly returning, and I feel like I’m strong and capable of anything again 🙂


What I liked most about the experience was the woman who advised and supported me through the journey, and her complete and total belief in the effectiveness of the whole process.


I also appreciated the plethora of organized info about acne and how their treatment works, and why it’s effective. It didn’t require me to take any medication (which I don’t believe in). Part of their service plan includes slowly weaning a client off products that are used for clearing, and to get them on a more gentle, less expensive daily regimen… which makes me feel more confident in their genuineness. They don’t just want to make money; they want to help!


The therapy was extremely effective. But along with that, Erin was very lovingly involved and passionate about helping and supporting me through this process.

She was so amazing.”



Erin single-handedly helped change my life! She boosted my confidence by helping me get clear skin. I had suffered with acne for several years and it was depressing. It really made me want to hide. It took about three months to really start noticing my skin was clearing up. I was committed to the process because I had a friend who'd also worked with Erin, had suffered from acne, and has absolutely beautiful skin now. I was shocked and very excited when I started getting really nice clear skin!  I was so happy and I felt like I didn't have to hide anymore. I recommend Erin to anyone who has suffered with acne and has tried all different products and systems because hers really works!

- Candice


" I am 68 years old and have had acne ever since I was a pre-teen.  I have been going to dermatologists ever since I can remember and have undergone every therapy that was considered cutting-edge according to the time--antibiotics, accutane, topical treatments, you name it.  I would have gone to the ends of the earth to find something that helped and, although a few treatments seemed to marginally lessen the extent of my breakouts, nothing was sure-fire and I literally never felt comfortable in my skin.  


I was about to try yet another visit to a dermatologist but discovered he could not see me for five months! I found Erin by chance in the Yellow Pages and called in desperation, feeling in my heart this would be just another band-aid.  WAS I EVER WRONG! What I learned from Erin is that the only medications that seemed to help me (somewhat) and that I had been using for years were the very culprits. The medications themselves may have been acceptable but their delivery systems were all wrong--pore clogging ingredients that counteracted the good that the medications could have done.  


I started on Erin's regimen and within six weeks my skin had never been clearer. I went through my cosmetics cupboard and threw away everything that did not contain approved ingredients (Erin will give you this list). I am astounded that medical doctors cannot be bothered to learn what Erin has taught me. An added benefit for me, because of my age, is that I am also learning how to care for my aging skin.  My daughter also suffers from acne. Although she lives out of town, I contacted her immediately. I did not want her to suffer, as I did, all of my life, from the consequences of acne. Erin was able to consult with her, and now my daughter, too, is reaping the benefits. To us this borders on miraculous! Thank you, Erin. Can't sing your praises enough. "



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“My daughter had struggled with acne for years, and we’d tried many therapies, but I was adamant that she NOT use antibiotics or Accutane because of their adverse health effects. After several sessions with Erin, her skin is now clear and beautiful, and her confidence has soared. She is SO proud of her new complexion and so thankful to Erin for her expertise.


Erin truly is THE acne expert. What I love most is that her therapies go beyond ‘skin deep’, incorporating nutrition, specially formulated products, and innovative treatments to bring about amazing change. I would recommend Erin to anyone who wants to improve the appearance and health of their skin!”

-Marci Barron, Rph, Managing Pharmacist

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